Edward T. Haas Resume (the short form)
Santa Rosa, CA


I am 66 years old and I’ve got enough customers coming to my shop that I really don’t need another job right now. I present the following information in case your organization just can’t get along without a part-time kook with the rather odd skill set detailed below.


  • NMP Products, 1985-present: President, responsible for designing products for manufacture; contract manufacturing of items from customers’ sketches and drawings; arranging distribution; writing advertising copy; handling wholesale and retail orders and trade show presentations.
  • Thompson Folger Ranch, 1972-present: Member Board of Directors, responsible for management of 2,000 acre ranch including 1,200 acres of grapes maintained by tenant farmer. Responsible for determination of contract terms and oversight of financial conditions.
  • Art/Life Magazine, 1994-1999: Proofreader and Contributor, responsible for quality control of submitted material, collating and final checks before binding. Some creative whimsy.
  • Rincon Automation, 1982-1985: Technician, responsible for machining and assembly of mechanical and pneumatic wafer fabrication systems and other custom automatic and semiautomatic manufacturing apparatus. Also debugged prototypes and performed installation and field repairs.
  • H C Shaw Co., 1970-1982: Adviser to Board of Directors, later Board Member: responsible for overseeing financial operations for a chain of 7 hardware stores in central California; assisted in inventory selection, personnel review and store site selection.
  • Vortex Model Engineering, 1973-1975: Technician: responsible for remanufacture of surplus servomechanisms into sail and rudder-control devices for radio-controlled model boats. Wrote a 200-page manufacturing procedure handbook, including all text, sketches and photography. Evaluated unskilled employees performing these tasks. Assembled finished kits to customer’s specifications. Ran machine shop where I did all prototype and production machining of miniature aluminum and stainless steel components. Manufactured wood components, did fiberglas layup using molds; also injection molding and vacuforming. Implemented a pre-computer era inventory control system.
  • Santa Barbara YMCA, 1969-1971: Employee and “Hotline” Volunteer: janitorial duties, mailing list management and telephone counseling of teenagers.


  • The Crucible, 2007:
    • Completed course: MIG Welding
  • UC Berkeley Extension, 2004-2005:
  • Santa Rosa Junior College, 2000:
    • Completed Basic Adobe Photoshop 5.5
  • UCSB Extension, 1997:
    • Earned Certificate of Completion for Computer Application Specialist, comprising the following courses:
      • Access Database Management for Windows
      • AutoCad
      • Basic Excel for Windows
      • Intermediate Excel for Macintosh
      • HTML programming
      • Intro. to the Internet
      • Internet: Beyond the Basics
      • Laser Printer Maintenance & Repair
      • Repairing & Upgrading PCs
      • User Support Strategies
      • Windows 3.1
      • Windows 95
      • Word 7.0.for Windows
      • Adobe Photoshop
  • Other UCSB Extension Classes, 1985-1998:
    • dBase
    • Marketing
    • Management
  • Santa Barbara Adult Education, 1984-1998:
    • Bicycle Repair
    • Quick and dirty Boat Building
    • Cooking
    • Cooking Gourmet Soups, Breads and Desserts
    • Cabinet Making Fundamentals
    • Photography
  • WoodenBoat School, 1984:
    • Patternmaking
  • Santa Barbara City College, 1970:
    • -A.A. Degree with emphasis on physical sciences


  • The Hybrid Trike Project: 2011-2013 Built custom semi-recumbent tricycle with hybrid pedal/electric drivetrain. Entire build is blogged at
  • The Calliope Project: 2007-2011 Applying skills from my Gizmology class I’ve built several prototype calliopes. Goal: a functioning portable steam/propane-driven calliope that is controlled via Basic Stamp, without a parasitic computer. Hope to use it to equip both my mutant vehicle Short John Silver and my steamboat Pegasus.
  • The Art Car Project: 2005-2008: Built “mutant vehicle” Short John Silver to serve as transportation at Burning Man.
  • Battlebots, 2002-2004: Served as machinist/weldor on Team Killerbots. Built two battlebots from scratch; one 220-lb heavyweight “Killer B” and one 120-lb middleweight “T-34” with pneumatic actuator and welded titanium armor. Competed in several tournaments.
  • SRSMEEBBQ, 1998-2004: Founder and Leader of Santa Rosa Society of Model & Experimental Engineers Barbecue Club; editor of webpage; chair of meetings; membership recruiter. Now networking with similar organizations globally via webpage.
  • SBSMEEBBQ, 1991-98: Founder and Leader of Santa Barbara Society of Model & Experimental Engineers Barbecue Club; editor of Journal; chair of meetings; membership recruiter; networking with similar organizations globally via E-mail and webpage.
  • Independent Research, 1993-1995: Built a series of Electromagnetic Launchers to learn principles involved; explored methods of making low-budget homopolar generators; demonstrated launchers at several conferences. I network with other amateurs and professionals in the field.
  • Independent Research, 1991-1992: Conducted a series of experiments to reduce soot buildup in Vaporizing Burners; built and instrumented a test furnace; fabricated numerous burners based on my own and other people’s theoretical models; determined modes of failure; produced a clean burner; published test results including drawings of my new design.
  • S/L Pegasus, 1987-1988: Built all mechanical apparatus for a 23ft. steam launch, including machining of engine from castings, all plumbing and fitting-out, sea trials and subsequent modifications.
  • Lived one year in Switzerland, 1960-1961: I can speak and write French.


  • A San Francisco native, I lived in Santa Barbara for 28 years from 1970-1998. I then moved to the outskirts of Santa Rosa, to a rural setting, where I enjoy a much larger shop and a lower crime rate.
  • An inventor of hand tools and shop aids, I have been granted three patents.
  • I’ve edited several newsletters over the years before the web and I now contribute to e-zines and other publications worldwide*.
  • I frequent usenet and I’m most active in the groups rec.crafts.metalworking and sci.engr.joining.welding. I have written a treatise on sawing methods which is included in a FAQ.
  • My hobbies include amateur science, cooking, photography, recreational machining, research, robotics, steamboating, woodworking and writing.
  • I am a 21-year veteran of the Hacker’s Conference**, an invitation-only assemblage of creative over-achievers from government, industry and the arts from around the world who gather to talk about leading-edge technology.
  • I served a 5-year hitch on the Hackers Conference Steering Committee.

*NOTE: A complete list of my publications and citations is available upon request.

**NOTE: Access to information about the Hackers Conference is restricted. Please email me for further inquiries.

Please email me for further inquiries.