The Mass-Driver Project

--Howdy mass-driver experimenters! Here's a rundown on the SBSMEEBBQ Electromagnetic Launcher, version 2.3, which was completed on 3/30/94.

--Since that time I had to sell the beastie to raise a little cash, due to a slight case of poverty (now past)...


--With an efficiency of 10% it would be possible, using surplus welding generators (one hunderd of them, each rated at 200Amps), to place a small payload (one gram) into Low Earth Orbit. The plan was to duplicate the Sputnick mission, using updated electronics, thus reducing the payload weight to one gram for ballistic shell, transmitter and battery.

--Although it was fun to build, the calculated efficiency was two orders of magnitude below the calculations first scribbled hastily on a napkin at the local pizza parlor. At that time, assuming an efficiency of 10% we thought we might be on to something. Well, so much for theory!

Capacitors: 20: 39,000ufd, 55V (note correction: this used to read incorrectly as "mfd")

Pulse Duration: approx. 1 to 10 milliseconds
Power output of Caps: 270joules
Peak Pulse Amperage: approx. 60,000Amps
Coils: 1: 20turns 12ga. copper wire
Barrel Bore: 0.258in.
Barrel Length: 18in.
Projectile weight: 14.50g
Max. Projectile Velocity: 27ft/sec
Calculated Efficiency: 1/10 of 1%

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