June 2011

TMI warning!!          –Well I gotta say today was unusual even for me. Started out by refreshing the fire to warm up the house on a rainy June 1, the first I can remember in my lifetime. Brought Judy her morning tea and then it was time for enema #1: GACK! An hour later and it was enema #2 to clean things up for my trip to the wazoo-ologist, sigh.. There’s something so undignified about the assumed position and attempt to self-enemize that is just so ridiculous. But I gotta say it’s fun to screw doggy style: it’s my favorite position for a girl to receive my blessings, so to speak. Must be my barbarian genes: more moans, more penetration, etc: Tarzan like. Still and all a self-inflicted enema isn’t very effective and I must say the time I got a barium enema from two beautiful young nurses was more pleasurable at least in the visual aspect..

So then it was off in the rains for the trip to the hospital for the deed. Bizarre incident #2 had to be the image on the screen: I’ve seen this sort of thing in a dentist’s office but it was mighty strange to stick my head up my own ass as it were. The good news: no lesions; the bad news: the beginnings of direticulitis. Doc took a biopsy and that was damned odd to see and even weirder to feel. It sorta itches now… In the recovery room I discovered that my resting heart rate is a rather incredible 55; I’m obviously still in semi-hibernation from our prolonged winter.

Got a prescription so hopefully the pain from my predicament will fade and the area will heal but there still wasn’t an obvious trouble spot that indicated whence cometh the problem. Doc sez he recommends going in via the front door next time but that’s a real procedure and I’ll have to go to the big hospital for that one. Sigh.. Patients leave via the back door which seems appropriate; from there I went and pigged out on fast food just because.. Skipped the fries at least. Pharmacy is out of the prescription so I gotta suffer another day of burning butt syndrome B4 I can get some relief.

–Next up: must shake off lethargy and disspel writer’s block to produce invites for the big birthday bash..

–And then I got a call from Todd with the news that one of our pals tried to commit suicide the other day. Nice guy but he’s living with the burden of two families; i.e. his own (married a gal with 4 kids: go figure…) and his parents who won’t leave him alone to live his new life. Family biz and he’s stuck in the web: no way out. Kinda wait and see Todd thinks; i.e. leave him alone to sort for a few days and then nag him to get back into his network of friends who can at least commiserate with ‘been there, done that’ anecdotes.

–More later; it’s getting cold and I gotta got put more wood on the fire. Sigh.

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