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Maker Faire 2010 Diary

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drive down and check in a total breeze: good parking, no line! And then…
-Toilet paper fail; had to wipe my gromit with an ass gasket
-Cellphone fail: radio OFF and NOBODY knew how to turn it back on; didn’t get it sorted til after I got home
-Had seen traffic fail with 101N down to 1 lane in SF so took San Mateo bridge to even worse hassle: 84 miles in 3 hours
-Missed Verizon closing time by 10 min
-Home to look up Blackberry fix and network FAIL while finding data: doggy had chewed off Cat 5 lock tab.
-First thing webpage sez is click on an icon I can’t find. Found another one and got it working again a little after 8:PM
-Nighttime FAIL: not much sleep; now that antibiotics are past tense I had to pee 4 times, waking doggies every time. Whiners got me up tooo early!

Friday, May 21, 2010

First thing to do today: catch up on missing sleeeeep! Don’t have to be at Faire until 3:PM but will try for earlier.

-Last stuff to pack:
–paper bag for ass wipes in RV, Plastic trash bag, Tucks pads, laptop, power supply, coffee pot, coffee, water, crazy glue, coffee mugs (where the heck did they go??), small hammer, drift punches to fix improperly assembled newly store-bought chair, CDs, extra air hose and fittings, etc etc

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