Interesting day yesterday: I was rear-ended at a stoplight but at least the truck’s driveable so I should be good to put the camper shell back on so’s I can drag the calliope to Hackers in a week or so. Spent yesterday afternoon getting shop ready for a Dorkbot meeting later in the evening. That turned out to be the hilight of the day; great fun and a good turnout. Bruce the Younger used the MIG rig to do some work on something Steve calls his “Flea Circus”; have no idea what that does but it sounds innnnteresting. Some of the others tinkered with stuff ranging from a solar powered walkway light to an awesomely loud fire engine siren (!!). Bruce the Elder, whose knowledge of how electronics operate is truly amazing, did calculations for power requirements for a busted electric oven that Bruce the Younger was trying to fix while I tinkered on my perennial woodworking project. Like everyone else I actually got somewhere on the project, too.
Later when the temp dropped I fired up the propane heater (first time in many months) and we eventually migrated upstairs for more gabbing on this and that. Didn’t see the last set of taillights until after 10:30. I really like having the gang in the workshop; it gets like Santa’s toyshop in there and it’s great to see stuff coming together.
Will post photos if I can find one of my three missing card readers; the built-in readers on the desktop machine and on the laptop are both malfunctioning; have been for ages…

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EmmanOctober 7th, 2015 at 11:56 am

There are so many times in our lives that we wish we could go back and do over and you would hope you would do better the seoncd time, sometimes we do and sometimes not. The one thing I do know is you can’t change what was said or done but you can ask forgiveness and hopefully the person will learn from your mistakes and not make the same ones. Life is precious and there is nothing like family.

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