BBQ ’08 1.0 report!

–There’s nothing I like better than ‘stirring the pot’ and yesterday’s BBQ was quite the fun time! I think I’ll keep with this mix: Burners, Dorkers and Hackers do well together. There seemed to be a pile of info being swapped and, being host, I got to benefit on the spot with stereo problems diagnosed (dead amp) by Alan, followed by stereo fixit shop address from Freddy (who also brought swordfish steaks: yum!). Kris arrived late but brought a monster yummy apple crumb pie, then stayed late and succeeded in pushing my flame calliope project forward so far that I believe I *will* have it in working order in time for Makers Faire. Gothalot and company got pretty far on the Temple build too! The central platform frame has been completed; only plywood decking needed to finish it up (G is awaiting further donations; any takers? then enter ). Rod donated a whole day and really kick-started things. Several young bucks helped too; neighbors started getting curious! Gothalot put on a TV show with footage of the April Fools Cannon Shoot at Bruce Heppler’s digs: some fun! Hope to add photos of BBQ stuff soon.

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