Sunday night’s dream

Lucid fantasy!

            –No, not the one about making Noelle bark like a dog in the hot tub; I was riding ‘shotgun’ in someone’s car. We were heading North towards the City, down around Millbrae, then getting to South City. We were cresting a rise (that isn’t really there) and turning the corner onto that stretch that goes over the water. At the top of the rise the highway was cut by a swath of asphalt with radical scratch marks along its length. As we slowed, approaching this thing, suddenly a river freighter shot across the freeway, skidding on this patch, then continued sliding off of the road on the right, where it turned left and plopped into the water of a system of locks, ready to descend to the level of the bay. The thing that got me was that although I’d never seen this before it seemed like such a logically kewl way to solve a problem. The person driving the car said ‘oh yeah it’s been like that for ages’. Still I was so intrigued I determined to get on the freighter at its next stop and follow it along its route.

            And then there was this railroad. The ship travelled down thru locks that were set up like some crazy roller coaster: narrow and linear, all downhill to a lake at the bottom. I got off the boat and got onto a really short train: two cars long. Neat old RR that took us to several stations, all small, one with a dining room (I musta been hungry) but we didn’t eat. Interesting architecture. Got off the train, went up a ski lift to get back on the boat, which had somehow gotten back uphill, to the height of the freeway. Weird dream, yes?

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