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yy/mm/dd Page Changes
08/03/31 Works In Progress added a link to March, '08
08/01/22 Works In Progress Added a link to January, '08 stuff.
07/12/20 Works In Progress Added link to December '07 work
07/12/20 Works In Progress: December, '07 New page of text/photos of work on a cold saw and of my single axis CNC
07/12/11 Blog Set up a Twitter link
07/10/03 The Poppet Valve Steam Engine Quest First update in 10 years; corrected out-of-date stuff.
07/09/12 Works In Progress Added more shit from August
07/09/11 Works In Progress Added a shitload of info: 44 photos and text, covering Feb-July
07/05/08 2007 Burning Man Stuff Revised for clarity; added 6 more photos
07/05/05 Dream Machine 2007 Text and photos of recent trip to Half Moon Bay Airport for annual shindig
07/05/05 2007 Burning Man Stuff Put up page of text/photos of various preparations for the big event
07/04/13 April Fools Day 2007: Cannon Shoot! New entry for Road Trips including text and photos
07/01/13 Various pages deleted Trimmed a pile of crap to streamline things.
06/08/17 Art Car Progress: July-August, '06 Added 6 more photos and some text.
06/08/26 Art Car Progress: July-August, '06 Added 4 more photos and some text.

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