My Favorite

First up, the Best Movies Ever Made (more or less and in no particular order) and (in some cases) why I think so. NOTE this list isn't quite set in concrete, but it's not totally fluid either. Let's call it plastic...

Dark City De Duva O Brother Where Art Thou?

Finally, here is a list of movies I recommend. I have found them to be exceptional for one reason or another. And a suggestion: if you are a fan of movies which you have found difficult or impossible to obtain, I would recommend getting a catalog from Facets Multimedia, Inc. (usual disclaimers: I'm just a satisfied customer). Not only do they sell thousands of movies, they also rent them all, via mail, for a not unreasonable fee. Their telephone number is 1-800-331-6197.

And now the lights are about to dim; on with the show!

Animation, Documentaries and Short Films

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