Wild Ideas

Wild ideas

Lately I've been flexing my whimsy muscle at the Half Bakery. Here's a link to an overview of Steamboat Ed's Half Baked Ideas

More realistic ideas

Ideas that haven't been turned into products are littering the pages of half a dozen sketchbooks in my shop. The current conundrum: due to a lack of a real job and due to the fact that Blue Cross just raised my monthly premium to twice my mortgage payment, I'm forced to offer the content of these notebooks, as much time in my shop as is desired, as well as my minor talent as an inventor and free thinker, in exchange for a salary of $3,880 per year for, say, 4 years minimum. ($3880 = 4 Social Security "credits", the maximum I can accrue per year.) This offer is open to any company that conforms to my ethical constraints and that will also agree to extend full medical benefits to me and my spousal unit. In a pinch said $3880 could be returned to the company as a contribution to Social Security as my withholding tax.

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